4 You 2 Know: Publicity Speaking – Jasmin Espada-Zimmatore

Publicist: Jasmin Espada-Zimmatore

Hopefully by now you have your professional game on to such a degree that you know how essential PR is to your marketing efforts.  If you’ve been around for a while you may have run into someone who calls them-self a publicist but all they really do is send out unsolicited emails all over the place praying that something sticks.  That kind of PR sucks.

Great PR people are hard to find so we thought we would help you out.  Everyone here’s Cali based publicity guru Jasmin Espada-Zimmatore.

UTM:  What kind of temperament and work ethic is necessary in your line of work?

JZ:  To do publicity work one has to be 1) Be able to work hard and confront any situation 2) Be a master organizer 3) Be patient and don’t jump to conclusions until you have all the information at hand. 4) Be persistent.

There are general misunderstandings about what PR/Publicity really is.  Most people think of it as marketing.  Some clients think PR’s have editorial power.  If a person knew what it took to get an editorial piece on ANY publication no matter how big or small, they would be a little more understanding about the whole subject of Public Relations and publicity.  When you hire a PR you are retaining that PR and paying him or her for time and effort.

UTM:  What things can an client have in place to make your job a little easier? (Don’t know if I understood this question, let me know if I did or didn’t)

JZ:  I know I speak on behalf of all publicists:  From the media–Answer our communications.  If the answer is no then great, we will move on.  I have good relationships with the media because I am prompt in answering their communication and I deliver what they need.  A few months ago I was at Associated Press and one of their staff reporters told me I was a good publicist because of my persistence. So to answer your question fully, if we could get our pitches, questions answered in a prompt manner we could accomplish so much more for our clients and get things moving faster. I have heard other fellow publicists comment on our E.P.P.S. meetings (Entertainment Publicists Professional Society) that sometimes they are left wondering: “Did my e-mail get through?” “Did it go to their trash/spam filter?”  It is not good to keep a publicist in shroud of mystery as our imagination tends to go wild.

From clients what is needed to make our job easier is have all your photographic material properly labeled.  Continue to deliver the best product possible.  To communicate questions, concerns immediately.

UTM:  What does your day look like? 

JZ:  Every day is different.  A typical day starts with me writing my “Battleplan” (what I call my to-do list) for the day.  Phone calls to magazine editors, clients, e-mails (writing and answering) afternoon meeting with a client.  At night there is usually a show I have to go see or do publicity for, a red carpet event or a dinner.

UTM: How many hours do you work a day typically?

JZ:  It varies, but typically I work from 8:30 am to 10:30 at night.  Sometimes if one of my clients has a red carpet I get home around 2:00 in the morning.  My line of work involves a lot of entertaining, seeing shows, meetings.  So I am out a lot.  For example I just got back from the NAMM show.  One of my clients, Carina Ricco performed at the Taylor Guitars booth on Friday January 16th.  Then I returned on Sunday with another client, hip hop artist Be-1.  He is getting ready to open for THE GAME on February 18th at the Anaheim Grove. So the day consisted of introducing Be-1 to the owner of ADK Microphones and the owner of Larkland. The owner of ADK mics decided on the spot to produce a special edition mic just for Be-1!  (He also did the mics for Ray Charles.)  While that meeting was in progress I got a call from the editor of Musico Pro so I had to run to their booth near ADK.  I guess multitasking is the name of the game in PR.

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