Music Interview: Swedish for Beginners


By: T. Mathenia

Swedish For Beginners, a Swedish(surprise!) indie outfit, playing their very own kind of guitar-based, electronica-sprinkled and harmony vocal-soaked pop, were formed in 2006 by vocalist and songwriter Johan Signert.

SFB were invited as the only Swedish band, to play at prestigious Manchester festival In The City, which caused a lot of stir in Sweden. One of Sweden’s most famous producers – Ollie Olson – took a liking to the band, and has produced their EP, which is due for release very shortly, depending on where current discussions with some record companies land.

The contrast of sweet melodies and dark lyrics, combined with an energetic and highly acclaimed live act, seems to be a winning recipe for Swedish For Beginners.

Knowshi –  You started as a one man band so is all the music on the EP written by you?

Johan – Yes, I write all the music and lyrics.

Knowshi  – What dynamic have the other band members added to your music since joining?

Johan – They have really made the songs more “alive”, and added a lot of creativity when it comes to arranging the songs. Not to mention that they’re a lot better musicians than I am, I’m just a singer, really.

Knowshi –  Who came up with the band name?  And how did you all come up with it?

Johan – I came up with the name, even before there actually was a band. Writing the SFB-songs marked a change for me soundwise, but also in switching from Swedish to English. So the bandname was a twist on that fact.

Band members are now:

Johan Signert – lead vox
Lisa Wallin – backing vox
Thomas Jansson – keys/vox
Frej Obenius – guitars/vox
Petter Pettersson – bass/vox
Klas Richardsson – percussion
Nicola Maniette – drums

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